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Spacemen Signs is proud to be the leading supplier of top-quality logo mats for your corporate needs in Kempton Park and Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa. We are SA’s leading supplier of custom-made commercial entrance mats. Our logo mats are laser-cut, professionally glued and all-weather fit.

Our best-in-class logo mats range from heavy-duty, high-traffic retail outlets and place-of-business entrance mats to full-shading, visual quality logo mats, etc.

Know the Reasons Why Custom Branded Logo Mats Can Boost Your Business

– There is a low cost for advertising

– They are functional, durable and strong

– They raise a strong brand awareness

– They make a solid impact on your corporate identity.

Branded Logo Mats Company in Johannesburg, South Africa | Custom Fabricated Logo Mats for Businesses in South Africa

We are a medium-sized fabrication company specializing in logo mats, stroll off mats, welcome mats, customized mats, custom entry mats and based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

We offer quality branded mats for organizations, schools, workplaces, limited-time occasions and places of worship. These logo mats are made here in South Africa utilizing local material and fabricated using state of the art machinery with accurate precision of customers’ logos. The mats are designed for high traffic areas, including a durable rubber background offering non slip functionality.

Our quality logo mats, logo entrance mats and logo floor mats, welcome mats can be embellished with your organization’s logo and name. A customized mat, floor mat or entry mat is an extraordinary method for advancing your business.

Indoor and Outdoor Logo Mats

Our bespoke logo mats are designed to suit various applications including entrances/exits, hallways, foyers, receptions, etc. and these are best suited for the following places:

  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Hotels
  • Shops
  • Churches


We make purchasing custom logo mats quick, practical and straightforward. We offer a short turnaround time in fabrication, incredible client support and top-notch marked logo mats. These branded mats are designed as per clients’ specification and customized to suit customers’ needs including sizing and background colours. The procurement process commences with the customers specifying his needs and our design specialist creates logo mats in graphics design software and sends the mock up designs for the client to approve, Once approval is granted do we commence the fabrication process. The mock up design is done at no cost to the client. Our energetic group of custom logo mats specialists are generally here to assist you with customizing the best mats for your business, home or occasion. We can likewise give free site visits to get to and suggest the right business floor marked mats. Our requesting interaction permits us to deliver most logo items within 3-5 workdays. We don’t charge for artwork or set up expenses.

We supply our branded mats nationwide and to neighbouring countries with Southern Africa.

Why Logo Mats

Let’s face it, a clean foyer or entrance is always welcoming and speaks volumes about cleanliness in an environment. Besides keeping the dirt and moisture out, our custom logo mats are an exceptionally successful method for growing brand awareness. Intended for use in high rush hour gridlock doors. Safety is at the core of our business values, our branded mats are made with our clients’ customers and visitors in mind, the bespoke logo mats are designed with a non-slip rubber offering customers the best experience at your premises.


At Spacemen Signs, we can fabricate mats in different material, and these are not limited to berber point, contact fall material and in various colours to suit our clients’ needs. We are capable of supplying logo mats that are designed to sit in recesses.

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