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Let’s face it, what’s the most appealing thing that catches our eyes on the road? The answer is a brand’s name that is displayed on a car body. While we arrive at different types of individuals in South Africa, especially in Johannesburg and Kempton Park in Gauteng, car branding consistently adds a high-effect and practical approach to advancing a brand.

As Spacemen Sign‘s leader administration offering, the organization presently marks more than 800 vehicles per month. Through its inventive in-house plan office, Graffiti can conceptualize a new plan, or on the other hand, we can take a current project and carry it out over a whole armada of vehicles. Using the most recent innovation and excellent materials, a straightforward imaginative idea or marking thought is changed into a work of art of uncompromising quality, fit to be applied to clients’ vehicles.

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If you have owned billboard space, would you surely not leave this space blank? Your car or fleet is one of your most visible and essential marketing tools providing you with large-scale, mobile advertising space at no cost. In addition to enhancing your corporate identity through branding standardization and consistency, branding your fleet will afford you the opportunity of large-scale brand and product awareness rent-free.

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